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Care Info

Costume jewellery 

Our costume jewellery is made from base metals, meaning that care must be taken to prolong the wear of each piece and prevent tarnishing or discolouring of the plating for as long as possible. This jewellery must not be immersed in water during swimming or showering, and must be removed before bed and before exercise. Over time, some discolouration may occur naturally with wear.

    Sterling Silver Jewellery

    Our sterling silver collection is made from genuine 925 silver with rhodium plating. Correct and regular care can prolong the durability of the jewellery.

    To ensure your jewellery lasts as long as possible, please take note of the following care instructions:

    Do Not:

    • Shower, swim or sleep while wearing your jewellery
    • Wear during physical or labour intensive activities or sports
    • Allow jewellery to come into direct contact with perfumes, moisturisers or other chemical products
    • Allow imitation pearls to come into contact with perfume, make-up or hairspray. Their coating is damaged by alcohol or other solvents. It should be stored separate from other jewellery, ideally in a fabric pouch or wrapped in a soft cloth. This will prevent your imitation pearls being scratched. Please note: imitation pearl jewellery must not be exposed to sunlight. The UV radiation in sunlight damages and bleaches the pearls.


    • Store the jewellery carefully
    • Store away from direct heat and sunlight
    • Remove before going to bed, showering or exercising


    Only silver dipping baths specifically designed for jewellery must be used. Immerse the jewellery for approx. 10 seconds and then rinse thoroughly under hot water and rub dry using a cloth. 

    Wear and tear of sterling silver

    Our silver pieces are crafted using 925 sterling silver. External influences like scratches and tarnishing are normal signs of wear and tear and are not material faults. Store your silver jewellery in a clean, dry place away from direct sun exposure. Please avoid storing your jewellery in damp and hot conditions as this can cause silver and gold plating to discolour and tarnish.

    Please note that we do not recommend our jewellery for children under 5 years due to very small parts that could be a choking hazard.